<September 29th:Webinar>
The Future of Learning: The Importance of Digital Education in Learning and Development



※This seminar will be conducted in  English.

 Adam has years of experience in the field of
 digital education, working with industry
 leaders like edX and also at Waseda,
 before joining GLOBIS.


As Japan’s No. 1 business school, GLOBIS offers a gateway to a more meaningful and rewarding career, through corporate, e-learning, and MBA programs online and in the heart of Tokyo.

Join us to learn more about the future of learning and the importance of digital education.

  • ・Current trends in Learning and Development and the focus of today’s learners
  • ・Why continued self-development and Learning and Development programs are important – especially in times of change
  • ・The continuing emergence of digital education mediums
  • ・The challenges and opportunities digital education provide – case studies from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • ・Example of microlearning services and how microlearning is effective (GLOBIS Unlimited)



  • ・Learning and Developmentの現在のトレンドと今学ぶ人が着目しているポイント
  • ・なぜ継続的な自己啓発とLearning and Developmentプログラムが重要なのか-特に変化の時代において
  • ・デジタル教育メディアの継続的な創出
  • ・デジタル教育がもたらす課題と機会-COVID-19パンデミックからのケーススタディ
  • ・マイクロラーニング(GLOBIS Unlimited)の事例と効果について

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日 時
2021年9月29日(水)  17:00~18:00
場 所
Location: It will be organized via Zoom / オンライン(Zoom)にて実施いたします。
Target Audience: HR, Learning and Development, and other business professionals interested in the development of their teams or self-development.
定 員
Adam Gordon・Nisha Chandra 


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Adam Gordon  |  アダム ゴードン

Adam Gordon has worked in the education sector in Asia and the UK for over 20 years and has been engaged in content management, business development, strategy planning, Learning and Development, operations, and marketing during this time. He has facilitated sessions in Leadership with a strong focus on globalization and a keen interest in Japanese management.

At GLOBIS, Adam manages two teams, the global B2C and B2B team and the global content development team for digital services. He also coaches corporate clients in leadership development. His specializations include leadership development and theory, Learning and Development, team development and globalization, and cross-cultural management.


Nisha Chandra  |  ニシャ チャンドラ

Ms. Chandra has worked in the education sector in Japan, and has been engaged in business development, strategy planning, HRM, operations, and marketing for the past 15 years. She has coached and facilitated sessions in Leadership and Management for top executives of global companies. 

At GLOBIS, Nisha is involved in developing leadership courses and materials as well as teaching corporate clients. 

Her specializations include human resource management, market research in the UK, Japan, India and China, business development, leadership and cross-cultural management (taught courses in these fields).