<Mar.23rd:Free Webinar>New Learning Experience for Next-Generation Leaders: Open Program from Japan‘s No.1 MBA


※This seminar will be conducted in both Japanese and English.

COVID-19 presented numerous new hurdles for businesses. Trends suggest that leaders are increasingly required to respond effectively to unprecedented global challenges and ensure sustainable business growth. Nevertheless, investment in global talent development slowed down significantly, and many companies recognize that it has become more difficult to plan and implement global learning & development programs.

 In response to these circumstances, GLOBIS launched Accelerated Leaders Program (ALP):

 ■ An intensive 3-month program covering key managerial contents
 ■ Cross-company & cross-culture interactive sessions
 ■ Top-level facilitators from Japan’s No.1 MBA

The first ALP, in Autumn, 2020, attracted the maximum number of participants joining from 8 countries and 11 companies. The ALP will continue in spring (May 20th – July 29th, 2021), providing an opportunity for next-generation leaders to learn and network from anywhere in the world.

The seminar focuses on:

 ■ The newest challenges in global talent development & effective approaches

  -Insights from organizing L&D programs in 15+ countries

  -Interview results from 30+ companies and their challenges in 2020

 ■ Introduction to ALP and sharing real participant voices

  We are looking forward to meeting you on March 23rd!




このような状況の中、グロービスでは下記3つの特徴を持った、「Accelerated Leadership Program(ALP)」をスタートいたしました。

 ■ 経営上の重要なコンテンツを網羅した3ヶ月間の集中プログラム
 ■ クロスカンパニー&クロスカルチャーの対話型セッション
 ■ 日本No.1MBAのトップレベルのファシリテーター



 ■ グローバル人材育成における最新の課題と効果的なアプローチ

  - 15カ国以上でL&Dプログラムを実施してきた経験から得た知見

  - 30社以上の企業のインタビュー結果と2020年の課題

 ■ ALPの紹介と参加者の生の声の共有



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日 時
2021年3月23日(火)  16:30~17:30
場 所
LOCATION: It will be organized via Zoom/オンライン(Zoom)にて実施いたします。
・HR Business Partners responsible for global talent development (domestically & overseas)
・Everyone interested in online open learning & development programs
定 員
Hideo Nakashima・Aiste Blaviesciunaite 


Hideo Nakashima  |  中島 淑雄

GLOBIS International Education, Manager

Responsible for the development and implementation of ALP. Develops and implements next-generation leader programs for global companies and leads a customized-program team that explores the newest design methodologies. As a faculty member, lectures on strategy-related topics at GLOBIS Management School and corporate trainings.  Co-authored “MBA Management Book II”, “(New Edition) MBA Corporate Strategy”.

Before joining GLOBIS, worked in the areas of New Business Development (Electronics Manufacturer), Strengthening Organizational Capabilities with Knowledge Management (IT vendor), and Business/M&A Consulting (Investment company).

Keio Business School (MBA), incl. an exchange to London Business School
Cambridge Senior Management Program 
Integrated Talent Management Certificate (ATD: Association for Talent Development)

Aiste Blaviesciunaite  |  アイステ ブラビェシチューナイテ

GLOBIS International Education, Consultant

Led the development and implementation of the first ALP. Works with global corporations to design and implement corporate learning & development programs domestically and overseas. Actively engaged in researching and applying new methodologies that enhance blended learning experience.

Before joining GLOBIS, worked as a solutions consultant at a Japanese automated controls manufacturer, involved in large domestic and international projects.

The University of British Columbia, MASA
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, BSS

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