Management Development Program
Program Outline / Session Details

Program Outline

Program Outline
Future, new, mid-level and senior managers
4 months, 1 session (3 hours) × 12 times

Online (Application used: Zoom)

  • ・Participants can join from any country. However, restrictions on the use of Zoom apply in some countries (see URL).
  • ・Requirements: An internet connection, a PC or tablet, a microphone, speakers and a camera to attend
Capacity Approx. 25 people
Language English
Fee 475,200 Yen/Participant (A 10% consumption tax will be applied to contacts made inside Japan)
432,000 Yen/Participant (No consumption tax will be applied to contracts made with overseas companies/subsidiaries)

Session Details

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Topic Leading Global Virtual Teams Organizational Leadership & Psychological Safety Fundamentals of Strategy Global Strategy

Learn how to effectively manage cross-functional and cross-national teams and create results online.

Understand the impact of psychological safety on team member’s ability to create and innovate and learn how to effectively manage such teams.

Learn core strategy frameworks and understand the decision-making process from environmental analysis to strategic planning.

Explore different strategic approaches when planning global business expansion and entry into different markets. Learn how to respond to differences in market stages and customer needs by country.

Case “Vance Info Technology” “Teaming at Disney Animation” “IKEA vs. NITORI” “Shimano‘s Challenge”
Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8
Topic Cross Cultural Management Macroeconomics & Emerging Nations Marketing Basics Financial Knowledge

Learn how to leverage diversity and manage conflict in teams and organizations comprised of different nationalities, genders, cultures and values.

Cultivate a macro perspective to accurately grasp world affairs as well as the ability to objectively analyze one’s own country and company. Forecast the future based on current observations.

Learn the essentials of marketing frameworks: segmentation, targeting, positioning, 4Ps and the latest digital marketing

Learn how to analyze a company’s current situation and strategy from financial statements and how to connect this to decision-making.

Case “Haier in Japan” “China & India” “Vermicular Ricepot” Reading on the basics of Accounting
Session 9 Session 10 Session 11 Session 12
Topic Advanced Financial Knowledge Corporate Finance Ambidextrous Management Corporate Philosophy & “Kokorozashi”

Based on an understanding of the basics of accounting, learn how to select corporate strategies and accounting policies, and how to communicate with stakeholders.

Learn analytical methods to determine the value a company will generate in the future, the key to maximizing corporate value, and the skills necessary to make business investment decisions.

Learn what kind of organizations enable “Ambidextrous Management” that enable the creation of new businesses in today’s rapidly changing world where the average lifespan of a business is shrinking.

Understand the characteristics, strengths, and mechanisms of management in a company, while considering the relationship between the aspirations, philosophies, visions and personal missions of individuals.

Case “Saizeria & Hiramatsu” “Industry Plastics Ltd ” “AGC” “Toyota Motor Corporation’s Strategy”

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