GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program


What is GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program?

Online open program for next-generation leaders who can lead the organization by creating business globally.

Respond to current global challenges effectively by developing leaders who can drive overseas business growth.

Program Features

■Continue learning in Covid-19 era.

■Start with one or more leaders, learn and network from anywhere in the world.

■Develop leadership skills to become a leader who inquires about his/her aspirations and grow the business.

GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program


Based on interviews with more than 30 GLOBIS’ overseas corporate clients, the most common need for global personnel training is “candidates who can be entrusted with leading future overseas offices“.

● Local staff (Manager/Junior Manager level) who can be candidates for GM or higher at overseas branches.

● HQ employees (section managers or mid-level employees) who can support the global business and play an active role as expatriates

The program will focus on developing next generation of global leaders.

Program Details

This program is designed to enhance the participant’s ownership of the local business, and to help them acquire the skills and knowledge to take on the challenges of business innovation and creation.

GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program

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