Management Development Program


What is the Management Development Program?

This program develops high potential new, mid-level and senior managers and equips them with the most up-to-date management knowledge needed for business growth and innovation. The program will cultivate not only practical skills but also a transformative leadership mind-set.

Features of the Program

Learn the essence of what it takes to be an effective global leader in this 12-session course.

・Gain global perspectives in business and leadership through interactive discussions and practical contents

・Learn how to solve complex business problems in a fast-changing hybrid business environment

・Build a diverse professional network

Learning Outcomes

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

・Analyze their external and internal business environment and take strategic decisions that lead to business results and innovation

・Lead their organizations and teams with leadership that is multifaceted, global-minded, and resilient to challenges

・Speak the universal language of financial numbers and make more informed decisions by understanding their business from all aspects