GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program


What is GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program?

Open online program from Japan’s No.1 MBA for next-generation leaders

Respond to current global challenges effectively by developing leaders who can drive global business growth.

Program Features

■Learn business skills to take your organization to a new level of success.

■Develop leadership skills/mindset to become a leader who is inquisitive and drives business growth.

■Learn and network from anywhere in the world.

GLOBIS Accelerated Leaders Program


Based on interviews with more than 30 GLOBIS’ corporate clients, the most common need for global personnel training is “candidates who can be entrusted with leading future overseas offices“.

● Local staff (Senior Manager/Manager/Junior Manager level) who can be candidates for GM or higher at global branches.

● HQ staff (section managers or mid-level employees) who can support the global business or play an active role as expatriates

The program will focus on developing next generation of global leaders.

Program Details

This program is designed to enhance the participant’s ownership of the global business, and to help them acquire the skills and knowledge to take on the challenges of business innovation and creation.

Orientation session 1 session 2 session 3
May 20, Thu.
June 3, Thu.
June 17, Thu.

・Program outline

・Class rules

・Explanation of Zoom functions

Topic Leadership to Drive
Global Business
Strategy and Business Models Financial Knowledge for

・Enhance the perspective and self-awareness required by leaders responsible for managing overseas/global business

・Deepen understanding of business strategy

・Understand the business model from a bird’s eye view

・Understand the relationships between financial statements (BS/PL/CF)

・Understand how business transactions impact the results in each statement

Silvio Napoli at Schindler India(A)(B) SHIMANO’s Challenge Interactive Lecture : Accounting 2nd edition
session 4 session 5 session 6 session 7
July 1, Thu.
July 15, Thu.
July 22, Thu.
July 29, Thu.
Digital Strategy and Global Business Managing Diverse Organizations/Teams Online Special Lecture by Guest Speaker Corporate Philosophy and Personal mission as a Leader

・Deepen your understanding of new qlobal competitive strategies and business models that leverage digital technologies

・Understand what it takes to manage a diverse team across departments and nationalities to create results

*Top-notch speakers from around the world will speak to enhance the perspectives of participants as next generation leaders of overseas offices

・What is the significance of philosophy/WAY in a company and what is the role of a leader?

・Create your vision and actions for growth as a leader based on your own values and beliefs.

AccorHotels and the Digital Transformation Innovation through collaborative partnerships Toyota Motor Corporation’s Strategy
GLOBIS Unlimited

(Learn an MBA based curriculum covering business fundamentals to applied business knowledge using microlearning through online videos and content for a period of 6 months)

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